Lou McGrath Msc. Guiding self-healing through mindfulness and nature connection.


The beauty you connect with around you is a direct reflection of your own beauty. You. Not someone else who is ‘good enough’, or who you hope yourself to be when you can keep it all together. You, exactly as you are. You are beautiful. The cause of so much of our suffering is a misunderstanding about who we truly are. Our deep worth, the beauty of our individual life and our role in our world. When we find our way back to knowing this and truly connecting with the beauty of ourselves and the world around us every day, life becomes a precious gift to be treasured and savoured. If you feel you might benefit from a wee bit of help pointing yourself back towards that truth about yourself so that you can welcome in all the joy you deserve because of it, that is what I am all about.

The practices I offer are simple, accessible and suitable for all ages and abilities. They are a blend of mindful and nature connection tools and techniques including mindful walking, deep relaxation, medicine walks, the use of ceremony and intention and other mindfulness techniques like sitting meditation, mindful movement and loving-kindness practice. I believe that healing is always available and accessible for everyone equally. The place to start is now, working with all the difficulties, busyness and messiness of now, there is no better time.

My name is Lou McGrath and I am a mindful walker, meditator and shamanic practitioner. I am an experienced mindfulness teacher and group facilitator. I have had a daily meditative practice and have studied in the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh for ten years, attending and participating in hundreds of hours of retreats and talks. My daily practice is to incorporate mindfulness into everything I do, building awareness and resilience and facing and embracing all of the challenging and growth-inducing aspects of being alive!

I founded and have facilitated the weekly meditation group in my town in south Sligo since 2013. I also have many years of experience facilitating large groups on retreat and in workshops and have been the on-retreat organiser for the twice-yearly Mindfulness Ireland All-Ireland retreats for the past five years. I have helped to set up and facilitate many social and creative groups and events through my community development work in a library setting and have been privileged to witness and experience the healing power of bringing people together in these ways for all involved.

I am passionate about pointing people back to their power, beauty and worth and through my own healing journey have amassed a comprehensive understanding of the tools that help people to remember how to access their own innate power and wisdom, particularly in connection with nature. Kindness, self-compassion and beauty are central to my practice and it is my hearts greatest desire to help you ignite and kindle these healing energies in yourself.